eCRM Contractors (Engaging Networks, EveryAction, Salsa or Luminate)

We are looking for part-time contractors with experience in a range of eCRM systems, including Engaging Networks, Every Action, Salsa and/or Luminate. 

Required Skills

  • Experience executing multi-faceted fundraising and/or advocacy campaigns 
    • Ability to create and deliver emails
    • Ability to create forms and landing pages
    • Ability to conditionalize and customize content 
    • Ability to run and pull campaign reports
  • Production skills, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.
  • Strong attention to detail and quality
  • Proactive communicator who can collaborate with other team-members to ensure successful completion of shared tasks
  • Self-starter who can work independently without a lot of supervision

Bonus Points

  • If you are a wizard in one of these systems and can make the tool bend to your whim (e.g. customize donation field amounts depending on your past giving behavior, or use redirect options to allow users to send an e-card after donating in honor of someone), you get bonus points! Share your most creative workaround in your cover email.  
How to Apply: 

Send an email with your resume, work samples, rates and avilability

This is a contract opportunity. Location US, Nationwide.

About Beaconfire RED: 

We help nonprofit and social enterprise organizations that serve good causes accomplish great things using digital technology. We design, build and promote websites and online campaigns that make people care and act.

Our clients include leading organizations such as the Truth Initiative, Ocean Conservancy, Habitat for Humanity, Working America and Human Rights Watch.

Beaconfire RED is a small, privately-held company made up of curious and creative people who want to serve the nonprofit community using technology in new and interesting ways, and live fulfilled personal lives while we do it. And, if you ask our staff what they like best about working at Beaconfire RED, they'll tell you it's the people they work with! Go ahead, ask...