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For some people, they can’t wait for excitement of christmas morning. I feel the same way about the day that the sxsw panel picker opens for voting. Sure, I’m weird. But in the best possible way, right? (of course right).

For sxsw 2012, not only have my awesome colleagues at Beaconfire, our partners and our clients come up with some amazing sessions, but this year’s batch of nonprofit/social good panels are some of the best ever.

Without further ado, vote for all these great ideas. If you feel so inclined, add your comments to the panel page as well – sxsw wants to hear what our community thinks about these sessions:

Beaconfire Panels:
Web ROI: It’s not dollars, it’s (common) sense
Lynn Labieniec & Marissa Goldsmith

Shit Code: When Good Code is Betrayed
Scott Lenger, Chrissy Rey, Marco Rodgers & Rob Tarr

UX Smackdown! User testing techniques in the ring
Rebecca Sherrill, Aviva Rosenstein, John Whalen, Kyle Soucy, and Michael Summers

Be a Design Superhero: Vanquish the Wasted Pretty
Eve Simon, Lawrence Swiader, Traci Sym, Maria Giudice

Change Happens: Improv For An Unpredictable World
Jordan & Amanda Hirsch

Expose Yourself: Create a Design career Mashup
Eve Simon & Stephen P Anderson

Our Partners & Clients:
How to Make Social Media Work for Social Good
Amanda Lehner, Ad Council

Fight Addiction: Twitter, facebook & 4square
Sharon Carothers, Legacy

Build. Community is easy, saving the world is hard
Eric Asche, Legacy

Fight Addiction: Twitter, Facebook & 4square
Sharon Carothers & Eric Asche, Legacy

Fighting Addiction in a Digital World
Jeff Costantino, Legacy

The Hills are Alive … With Social Data
Annie Lynsen, Small Act

Transforming Frequent Users into Brand Evangelists
Aaron Mushro, Legacy

Epic Fail! When Social Good Goes bad
Chad Norman, Blackbaud

When the Webinator and Mobile Have a Love Child
Jill Ward, Convio

Tipping Point between Native Apps vs. Web Apps
Aaron Mushro, Legacy

Social Media Boundaries: Personal/Personnel Policy
Amy Sample Ward, NTEN

Mother Goose Got Punked: Next Gen Visual Stories
Nancy Cole, PhotoPhilanthropy

Other Amazing Greater Good Sessions:
Revenge of the Generalists
Hashtags and Non-Profit Community Development
It’s Not Slacktivism: Truth of Online Organizing
Better Nonprofit Websites: 52 Tweaks in 52 Weeks
Positively Inspired Change Campaigns
Boost Fundraising & Engagement w/ “Gamification”
Celebs & Causes: a thin line btwn #winning & #fail
Social Media for the Non-Sexy Cause
Under the Social Good Hood
Turning Online Donors Into Change Investors
101 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits
Making Social Media Measurement Sexy
Let’s Talk Video for Social Change
No brochures: digital storytelling for nonprofits
Philanthropy and the Corporate World
Sparking Real World Action with Social Media

If there are other Nonprofit/Social Good session ideas we missed on this list, add your link to the comments and we will update!

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