Simple Steps To Mitigate Monstrous Migration

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Content migration is often one of the most time-consuming headaches of a web redesign or build, but it’s also one of the most critical elements of a successful site. Don’t think it’s just getting your content moved from one system to another. It is the “meat” of your website and doing it without much thought can have disastrous effects on your SEO and your user experience. 

Having an effective redirect strategy helps mitigate these issues and ensures the new website is optimized for search and ensures the user finds the content they are looking for.

What You'll Learn: 
  • How to mitigate bad user experience resulting from 301s for dissolved content with an innovative approach to avoid 404 errors altogether 
  • A method for crowdsourcing the best content to redirect users to for dissolved content 
  • How to measure the performance of 301 redirects
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