How Nonprofits Are Using Video Online: 20 Examples

Online video has become an increasingly popular tool used by non-profits to raise awareness. If you’re using video online and need some inspiration, or just want to see what others are doing, take a look at these non-profits who are educating and getting people involved through the use of video.

Interactive Campaigns

These campaigns encourage visitors to get involved by recording and contributing their own videos or photos:

  • 24 Hours for Darfur has collected over 900 personal video appeals from celebrities, politicians, Darfurians, and citizens around the world. The campaign aims to strengthen Darfur advocacy and enable individuals to send their appeals to political leaders.
  • – The Hub is an interactive community for human rights, where you can upload your own content or watch, comment on and share content from others. They also provide a great Video Advocacy Toolkit.
  • Stand Up 2 Cancer asked visitors to “Submit your own picture or video and tell the world what you stand for! Cancer affects all of us, what are you standing for?” and used the submissions to create this video.
  • The Prince’s Rainforests Project allows you to Create Your Own Frog Message, a personalized campaign video featuring you alongside the project’s well-known supporters. Your custom video can then be shared with friends.
  •’s Mother’s Day campaign prompts visitors to “Enter the name of your favorite mom,” then generates a customized video that’s extremely easy to distribute.
  • The Humane Society’s Knock Out Animal Fighting video contest generated thousands of votes and landed two videos on YouTube’s homepage.
  • holds an annual video contest for teenagers and young adults that grants $100,000 to the winner’s cause.

Stand-alone, viral campaigns

Rather than belonging to a collection or gallery, these videos stand on their own. They’re often longer in length and housed on a page that provides opportunities for visitors to share and learn more. These types of videos make the biggest impact when they go “viral,” spreading from person to person through word of mouth and social networks.

  • Charity:Water raised over $10,000 in one day, using YouTube’s new overlay ad feature.
  • The Girl Effect uses a minimalist design and clear calls to action: Learn, Share, Change.
  • Save the Bay supplements the embedded video with statistics and a variety of ways to get involved: Share, donate, sign up for updates, etc.

Video Galleries

Unlike the stand-alone videos above, these pages allow visitors to browse a collection of videos that give an in-depth feel for a cause or provide education on topics:

Non-Profits: Educational:

If you’ve made it through this list and want to see even more examples, check out’s Non Profit Video Awards and YouTube’s Non-Profit channel.

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