How to Write Effective FAQs

Last October, we answered some questions from Associations Now magazine about UX best practices when it comes to your website's FAQ page. But we realized we had a little more to say on the subject. FAQs are one tactic for helping people find the information they are looking for. Writing and updating your FAQs should be part of your larger content strategy.


Break Your FAQs Out of Their Silo

Think about your audience’s journey with your organization. How and when do they need certain information? You want to meet your audience where they are. There are many different ways to approach FAQs that break down the FAQ silo. You could use FAQs throughout the site including them in relevant pages on your website or updating your homepage to include frequent tasks. For example, questions about registering for your conference could go on a conference landing page. When it’s time for people to register for your conference, include a CTA for that task on your homepage. Or you could include one or two FAQs in a call out on a program or membership page.


When to Update FAQs

Strive to review your FAQs at least once a year. You want to revisit your FAQs frequently so they remain relevant and helpful for your audience.


Designing Your FAQ Page

On your FAQ page, UX and design play a role in what the FAQs are and how you present them. For example, if you have a lot of FAQs, you could group them under topical headings or using visual icons to help people scan them quickly. 


Monitor Analytics and Make Changes

The effectiveness of your FAQs needs to be looked at in the context of the effectiveness of your whole website. Monitor your analytics to see if people are finding the information they need when they need it. Are people completing the tasks your FAQs provide information on? For example, if you have an FAQ on how to register for your conference, check analytics and see how your conference registration is going. Are most people who start the registration process completing it? Great, way to go! If not, maybe people aren’t looking at the FAQs for that information, maybe people don’t see the question because the question uses internal language, maybe people don’t understand the answer. Make a change and check analytics again to see if your change made an improvement. Change, measure, repeat!


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