Launch and Leave? No Way. Here’s Your Post-Launch Checklist!

Congratulations! You just launched your newly redesigned site! WOOT! You took your team out to lunch to celebrate, but now what?

To stay as fresh as it is at launch, your site needs constant love and attention. Here are some post-launch strategies to make your site shine with love.

1. Create a Web Governance Plan.

Web governance includes policies and workflows. Answer these questions:

  • Do you have enough staff to run your website in-house? Do you need to outsource part of your web maintenance?
  • What’s the process for updating, editing and removing content?
  • Who is the content owner for different areas of your site?
  • How are you coordinating posting on your social media channels and sending emails?
  • What are your policies on content removal, sharing content, etc.

While content governance is not glamourous, it’s critical to document the governance and workflows before you are at the end-of-year giving crunch or the week before your big event blitz.

2. Make a Content Creation Plan.

Who will create new content and when?

Plan how often and when you will create content.

A content calendar can help you plan how often you want to create content and coordinate among various digital channels (like a blog and social media).

Figure out who is responsible for creating new content.

Will you write all of it with direction from other departments or team members? Will your in-house subject matter experts write it? Will it need to be edited for consistency, style and tone? Or do you want to contract writers for specific content areas?

Consider developing a Content Creation Team (or Committee) that regularly meets to:

  • coordinate the content creation
  • vet and prioritize topic ideas
  • assign and share the workload
  • discuss due dates.

Even if you are the only organizer and author all of the website content, it may be helpful to have a Content Creation Team to brainstorm ideas and plan. Having a team to oversee this work allows for better content sharing across the organization, reducing redundancy and improving efficiency.

3. Monitor your Site for Feedback.

This is a big one. Checking your analytics and/or site survey is your window into your visitors’ satisfaction with your site. You can see if visitors like that talking paper-clip assistant everyone thought was such a great idea. If visitors are leaving the page quickly, maybe Clippy is annoying them. Make a change and your site (and your visitors) will thank you for the attention.

Checking your analytics and/or site survey can also help you monitor your site goals. If you have key performance indicators (KPIs)  you can measure and compare them before and after launch to evaluate the redesign’s improvements. For example, you can compare your email or registration form signup or donation form completion rate before and after your site launch.

If you don’t have KPI’s, it’s a great time to think about your website goals and set some up.  You and your team probably came up with some great goals you can measure when you redesigned your site. After you create some awesome KPI’s, measure them so you have a baseline to check your site against in the future. It’s hard to know if 2,000 views a month is good or bad. But 10% increase in page views from last month is definitely good -- keep up the good work!

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