Small Steps Today, Big Wins Tomorrow

We live in a digital world where we know that one software platform can't meet all our needs as an organization or business. Many of these platforms can talk to one another through nerdy-software-developer API land and these systems can pass information back and forth to one another. Does the user or even the admins within the organization know any of this? Not really.


There are a lot of stakeholders involved in managing a website and those systems—their tasks can range anywhere from monitoring server uptime and publishing blog posts to promoting gala dinners and driving traffic to the site from Facebook. From a user perspective (i.e., someone reading your web content), the only constant is their browser and your page template; this is where tag management comes into play to collect and pass information about the site and user back to even more systems or tools – Google Analytics, Facebook pixels, AdWords, and many many more. When I re-began my career as a full-time analyst (as opposed to a web developer who knows a lot about Google Analytics), I had viewed the prospect of tag management as a pipedream. But I came to find out it really isn't an impossible tool to implement and instantly add value to what an organization is capable of measuring.


In using Google Analytics, we talk to our clients about creating a "rollup" or "ocean view" that spans the reaches of your organization's digital platforms across your CMSs, eCRMs, event registration platform, learning management systems, community/forums, and/or online store. A user doesn't or can't always distinguish the difference in these different platforms, so your analytics shouldn't either'; that's where tag management comes in. Although I'm not here to sell you on overhauling your entire measurement plan and techniques (not in this blog post anyway), what I am here to say is to celebrate little wins that help open your eyes to making your life easier down the road.


My moment to celebrate is adding Google Tag Manager for a client who is on Blackbaud's netCommunity. netCommunity is a platform that I haven’t touched since my days as a Blackbaud employee when I happened to attend a training session with Wil Alveno at bbcon; so let's guesstimate 6 years ago (Wil is a phenomenal instructor, by the way).


netCommunity isn't what I'm used to but I was able to easily find Blackbaud's Knowledge Base and follow through on their steps so that I can measure the things that my client and I are curious about within their site's content and conversion forms. Mixing the old with the new can seem intimidating and at times, down right impossible. It can get you down and in a funk about completing the tasks you have at hand. With the tag management tool now stretching across a client’s new website and their legacy tool, we can bring new light to how their users are converting and consuming content with purpose. And that’s a small win worth celebrating.


What are little or big wins that you're celebrating in how you are able to do your job better?


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