UX Mind Games @ ASAE tech conference

We’re very proud that our very own Jared Schwartz made a huge splash at the ASAE Tech conference this week. Associations Now highlighted the power of empathy from his UX Mindgames session as one of the top three ideas to come out of the event.

From the article:

Put yourself in your users’ shoes when designing your organization’s online calling card, said Jared Schwartz, vice president of strategy and innovation at Beaconfire RedEngine, during the session “UX Mind Games.”

Schwartz outlined several ways to do this. One is to consider the power of internal triggers that innately get people to act. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have this figured out. Those networks don’t have to send you daily reminders to share your photos, Schwartz said. “What they’ve done is trained you over time. They’ve got you addicted.” Whole article here

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