Center for Climate Integrity

Helping a brand concept become reality to lead climate liability advocacy

Helping a new brand make a splash in climate change advocacy

A new organization and brand was developed and mobilized to change how Americans view climate change and hold Big Oil and Gas companies accountable.


New Brand Makes Waves in Climate Change Advocacy

When the Center for Climate Integrity (CCI) approached Beaconfire RED, all they had was a concept and a unique theory of change: evidence shows fossil fuel companies intentionally misled the public about the role their products had in creating climate change. These climate polluters – not American taxpayers – should be held legally and financially responsible for the resulting costs.

From brand conception, to website development, to launching multiple successful advocacy campaigns, Beaconfire RED helped to create an impactful, lasting brand that is bringing the idea of climate liability to the forefront of the climate conversation.


Brand Exploration and Development

The first step in our relationship with CCI was to help them create a powerful brand. We presented them with three different brand approaches based on extensive consumer and competitive research. The final result was a bold brand incorporating a red and black color scheme, rather than the earthy greens and blues typical of environmental nonprofits. We felt this unique, strong palette reflected their powerful mission. 

Continuing with the bold red and black color scheme, we also developed a subsidiary brand that CCI could use for more direct advocacy and as the face of their mission: Pay Up Climate Polluters. This is the brand they are most well-known for and that also became their social media handle and website URL.

The final result was a cohesive brand style guide including logos, color palettes, fonts, mission language, and brand guidelines. The style guide created a cohesive basis for all future creative, something that is essential to successful organizations.


Web Development

After finalizing the brand, the next step was to create a website that was easy to navigate and reflected CCI’s mission. The final product was a beautiful website that has since won multiple design awards, including the 2018 Nonprofit Standard of Excellence Award from WebAwards, and a silver W3 award in the Activism category. The award-winning website tells a powerful story of climate deception, showcases the most damning documents, and provides updates on the latest campaigns where CCI is making progress.


Advocacy Campaigns

With a developed brand and engaging website in place, we began supporting CCI’s advocacy efforts with a number of successful online campaigns. We’ve highlighted our three favorites below:


Who Pays for Harvey?

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey‘s devastation to Texas, we wanted to raise the question of whether climate polluters should be held financially responsible for climate impacts. In order to inject this question into conversations and coverage about recovery and preparation, Beaconfire RED helped CCI create a campaign website as well as plan and execute a paid social media and search campaign to determine public and media reaction. The campaign was accompanied by earned media efforts, including billboard placements in Houston.

Miami Climate Costs

Perhaps no region in the world experiences climate change as acutely as Miami. Climate change’s impact hit the pocketbook, with costs into the hundreds of millions — and growing annually. With 5 inches of sea level rise since the 1980s, flooding is a regular part of life (even on sunny days) and storm surge poses an ever-present risk to the area’s homes and businesses. Beaconfire RED helped CCI create a campaign to tell elected officials to stand up for taxpayers, who for too long have borne the costs of climate change alone. The Facebook and Twitter campaigns were accompanied by a billboard to engage taxpayers and elected officials in the Miami-Dade county area.


Drilled is a new podcast uncovering the fossil fuel industry’s legacy of deceit around climate change science and its impact. CCI partnered with the creators of this podcast to engage taxpayers, elected officials, political influencers, and journalists to start talking about Big Oil and Gas companies’ deception. Beaconfire RED helped CCI launch a nationwide digital campaign through online media buys at several well-known, online publications and Twitter ads. Capturing the “true crime” aura, our engaging ad creative earned over one million impressions and thousands of engagements and podcast listens. We were able to help raise national awareness of Drilled, elevate it to the top of Apple’s “bingeable podcasts” and spotlight Big Oil and Gas’s role in fabricating climate change denial.


Only 18 months into our relationship with Center for Climate Integrity, we developed a powerful brand, launched a beautiful and engaging website, and executed several very successful campaigns. CCI’s unique mission to hold Big Oil and Gas accountable for the damage they’ve caused has lent itself to many exciting and highly engaging campaigns nationwide, as well as in specific metropolitan regions. Our most recent Drilled campaign reached over one million people, with an impressive engagement rate that’s 600% higher than the industry standard. Both the Harvey and Miami campaigns drove hundreds of individuals to take action and sign an online pledge to hold climate polluters accountable. Through our creative design and advertising efforts, Beaconfire RED has helped CCI educate taxpayers and legal influencers such as attorneys general on the major role Big Oil and Gas has played in covering up their climate impact and drive them to action. We helped CCI introduce the term “climate liability” into the lexicon – something that will continue to be integral to determining who will pay for climate change.

Pay Up Climate Polluters

Who Pays For Harvey?

Miami Climate Costs