Habitat for Humanity

New Site Redesign Optimizes Giving and Engagement

New Site Redesign Optimizes Giving and Engagement

Beaconfire RED worked with Habitat to create a new user experience and web design for habitat.org that would also dovetail with a newly unveiled branding strategy. The goal was to create an authentically human and emotional digital experience that inspires, educates and converts audiences.


Habitat Site Redesign

"The team at Beaconfire RED brought us expertise, experience and perspective. They helped challenge us to new and better ways to share our mission, leverage our data and see our content through fresh eyes."

Chris Clarke
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Habitat for Humanity

Making the Story The Hero

Beaconfire RED designed a compelling user experience that emphasized visual narrative to meet Habitat’s newly defined goals.

Habitat serves many diverse audiences and were finding that their old website had a great deal of competing content and calls to action.  Their staff prioritized their top calls to action, which we used to create a newly optimized user experience and digital strategy for all its audiences. The redesign put a new emphasis on these optimized user engagement pathways and increased the visibility and ease of giving, volunteering with local affiliates, locating local ReStores, and learning about travel programs. The new design better communicates the impact of Habitat’s work on the lives of those who need decent, affordable housing. 

Additionally, Habitat wanted to share the amazing and uplifting success stories of its families in a more compelling manner – less reporting, more storytelling. We addressed that by creating more prominent, sharable, inspirational videos, photographs and stories that bring to life the families who are building or improving a place to call home. 

Beaconfire RED also provided SEO guidance for launching the new website, to ensure the site was optimized for the search and to retain current organic traffic levels. The SEO work resulted in no loss of organic traffic after launch, a common problem after a redesign.

Old Website

New Redesigned Website