National Audubon Society

Social Actions and Gifts Help Birds at Risk

Raising Awareness and Engagement to Protect Birds

To promote its Birds and Climate Change Report, the National Audubon Society asked Beaconfire RED to develop digital engagement strategies to encourage its members, bird enthusiasts and public audiences to read the report and take simple actions—in the form of pledges or donations. 


Elizabeth Sorrell

"Beaconfire RED is a creative and dedicated partner. They took the time to get to know and understand our organization so that they were able to suggest tactics and create a suite of digital assets that helped us reach our target audiences."

Elizabeth Sorrell
Digital Communications Manager

Innovative, shareable digital strategies

Our goal was to create interactive experiences that would motivate audiences to take an active role in protecting birds and their habitats.

We designed and constructed a cutting-edge donation page (pictured below). Developed in Blackbaud's Luminate Online, we used custom JavaScript and CSS to build a responsive, contemporary look and feel. 

We also created a “sticky” pledge call to action. The pledge follows visitors on the page as they explore and appears on every page of the microsite. Visually-appealing, shareable social media banners were built for use on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Infographics were designed—complete with customized regional graphics—to be shared with both national and local chapter audiences. In fact, the Talk Turkey infographic won a 2015 W3 award.

Our efforts helped raise awareness, drive leads and raise funds in support of the climate issue.

In addition, Audubon also asked us to create climate-focused website eCards, where visitors can send emails to start a conversation about climate change. We designed the forms, e-mails and customized the Luminate eCard module to make it responsive and improve usability.


Talk Turkey Infographic

Birds and Climate Change Infographic

Donation Form

Social Share Graphics