Crazy Tricks with Drupal 8 Views

The Views module is a very useful tool for site developers to easily extract data from the Drupal database and create lists of content without writing a single query. Using the different display, filter, and format options, as well as other supporting modules, site builders can create various types of user-friendly content lists.

New search tool helps students with food allergies and their parents prepare for college

FARE created a searchable database for parents and students to easily find information about food allergy accommodations at different colleges.

Increasing engagement and optimizing conversions

From user journeys to content strategy, Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) redesigned their website to better serve their passionate audience: people with food allergies and their support systems....


Cultivating the next generation of activists through design

The redesigned League of Women Voters site showcases their rich, 100-year history and impact while connecting with younger activists and driving them take action on the issues that matter...


Moving 67,000 teens to action with mobile marketing

Truth Initiative®, the national public health organization that directs and funds truth, used SMS, email, and social messaging to empower teens to speak out against tobacco products for sale in...

Is Google Forcing Me To Make My Site Secure?


No, Google is not forcing you to make your site secure, but it is definitely trying to encourage you to do so.


As you may already know, Google is making a change this month that will affect how URLs appear in the Chrome browser. Addressing this change is fairly simple, but there are a few technical things you will need to do and some review and testing required. Below is an outline of what the change is, how it impacts your organization’s website, and what can be done if any action needs to be taken.