Leveraging the newscycle to break fundraising records

What did we do when our entire year-end fundraising strategy for Human Rights Watch was blown up by a surprise election result?

Answer: Embraced it.

Digital Marketing & Baseball: Fundamentals, Lineups & Sample Sizes

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time of year to work a belabored seasonally-appropriate analogy into our humble marketing blog. Let’s go!

I’ve been thinking about better ways to explain how digital marketing campaigns are constructed and measured. Eyes tend to glaze over when we’re talking metrics, but maybe looking at the numbers through a different lens might help. Enter: America’s pastime.

Advertising Lifts Revenue and Acquisition

Human Rights Watch wanted to expand their digital fundraising program. They enlisted Beaconfire RED to launch a comprehensive annual digital fundraising advertising campaign, including paid search engine marketing, display retargeting...