eCRM Front End Development & Integration

When you’re trying to persuade a prospect to give, join or sign up, you have to put your best foot forward.

At Beaconfire RED, we bring persuasive designs to life with responsive, user friendly web pages, emails and forms.

Forget those ugly default eCRM forms and templates! BF RED’s experienced developers create interactive and visually stunning digital forms, emails and web pages, as well as interactive infographics, maps and data visualization.

BF RED's developers work hand-in-hand with the visual design, user experience and software teams to ensure that your vision is achieved on each platform.

All your user experiences are optimized for today’s devices and browsers and they'll meet the specifications of your ESP and eCRM.

Our team are experienced users of nonprofit eCRMs such as Convio/Blackbaud Luminate, Engaging Networks, Blue State Digital, Salsa, Springboard and more. And, if needed, we can ensure that your websites, emails and forms meet various levels of accessibility compliance.

Whatever the project, we always strive to choose the best solution for whatever the problem is at hand. And we LOVE problems!

Can we help you create an persuasive new digital form, landing page or email series? Reach out to us at or phone 703-894-0080.