Email Marketing & Acquisition

Have you hit a plateau with your email list growth - or need new ideas to get better names? Are you longing to test more personalized messages to your list segments, but don't have the time? 

We get email – and not just in our inboxes. Beaconfire RED has a long and experienced track record in creating highly responsive email programs.

Email solutions we provide:

  • Annual email campaign strategy and calendar planning
  • Customized content and offers to email segments
  • Real-time behavior based outreach (welcome and engagement series)
  • A/B testing
  • Development and optimization of email forms and landing pages
  • Responsive email development in the leading nonprofit eCRMs
  • E-Append
  • Deliverability/List Hygiene

We believe in the value of real-time, behavior based trigger emails to build relationships with your constituents and meet them where they are in their relationship with your organization.  These communications can include welcome series emails, stewardship milestones, lapsed donor reengagement, and sustainer upgrade emails among others. 

We continually test, analyze, learn, and apply new knowledge, so your email campaign is constantly improving. 

We make sure messages integrate appropriately with offline efforts and the organization’s broader communications—so donors, prospects and other priority audiences have a seamless conversation with your organization.

Managing the inbox experience and your lists are also critical to a strong email program.  We make sure deliverability best practices are in place. We’ll onboard your donors with welcome series  from e-appends, acquisition sources or organic lead generation.  And we create re-engagement and re-opt-in communications for those list members who’ve been out of touch for a while.

Studies again and again confirm that over 50% of email is now being opened and read on mobile device. It’s critical that emails delivered to your audience are also mobile friendly. Our email production staff and developers are experts at creating mobile-friendly email for our clients. 

Email Acquisition 

Lead generation is an important piece of the acquisition puzzle.

To supplement organic lead generation from your website or other online properties,  we will pilot paid lead generation programs with partners demonstrating a qualified audience. Using engaging email and online campaigns, we work with you to test paid lead generation partners that will help you grow new, fruitful, donor relationships to scale. 

Want to talk about your email marketing challenges with our experts? Reach out to us at or phone 703-894-0080.