Google Grants Management

Many nonprofits struggle with the lack of resources to either acquire a Google Ad Grants (an initial $10,000 USD per month in free media from Google AdWords) or to properly optimize and monitor their Google Grants account each month.

Without dedicated staff, it’s difficult to get the maximum results you need — whether you’re looking to increase revenue, registrations, email signups or actions. That’s where Beaconfire RED’s team steps in.

Monthly Google Grants Management and Optimization

BF RED’s Google AdWords Certified professionals can help you get the maximum return from your Google Grants account, providing monthly strategy, oversight, optimization and reporting. Let us help you allocate your Google Grants budget to the best-performing terms. BF Red’s average annual Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) for our clients ranges from 50% to an impressive 200%.

Using keyword-level analytics, our analysts are skilled in identifying which keywords return the most value in your Google Grants account and provide creative tactics to consistently hit your monthly media spend cap and achieve measurable conversions.

Each month, our Google Ad Grants analysts will work with you to create new campaigns, test new keywords and ads, offer landing page recommendations and analyze and optimize your campaigns for the best results. We are adept at finding the solutions with the highest ROI!

If you have both a paid AdWords and a Google Ad Grants account, the BF RED team will manage both accounts for you, ensuring that you’re taking full advantage of your free Grants media while also utilizing the special features only available for paid accounts.

Google Ad Grants Audit and Training

If you have staff to oversee your account, but want some additional training and analysis on how you can make your Grants account work harder and smarter for you, BF RED can help.

Our Google Grants Audit assesses how your account — and specific campaigns — are performing against your goals, and identifies specific areas for improvement in a detailed Audit document. We’ll review and provide recommendations on Google Grant keywords, ad copy, campaign and ad group setup, quality scores, share of impressions and other factors that can affect the success of your campaigns. With your approval, we’ll also make select changes to your account and walk you through best practices for improving your results in the future.

If you’re looking for additional staff training, we can provide customized sessions upon demand.

Don’t Have a Google Ad Grants Account?

If you’re a 501(c)3 organization and qualify for a Grants account, BF RED can guide you through the Google Ad Grants application process. We’ll review the eligibility requirements with you and assist you in gathering the information you need to complete your application.

Are you ready to optimize the performance of your existing Google Ad Grants account or open a new one? Reach out to us to hear more at or call us at 703-894-0080.