Information Architecture

Is your website structure defined by your org chart, not by your users’ needs? If yes, your users may be struggling to find the content they seek and take the actions you want them to.

Beaconfire RED’s user experience team helps you design a site architecture that increases the findability of your content, resulting in a more satisfying experience for your visitors.

Following a content inventory and an Information Architecture Workshop with key stakeholders, we help you structure and optimize your content in a way that is intuitive, accessible and, most importantly, can be deployed across all devices. 

IA Deliverables can include:

  • A Sitemap
  • Navigation Design
  • Tagging structures and taxonomies to create meaningful, related content
  • Recommendations for optimizing engagement and conversion on deep, internal site pages where most of your visitors are landing these days
  • Internal and external search recommendations
  • Low-fidelity wireframes or Interactive prototypes

For validation, BF RED offers Card Sorts to help users and stakeholders weigh in on the most intuitive structure for your architecture and conducts Tree Testing to validate the labels we use in your navigation.

Want to hear more about how can help you create a richer user experience on your website? Reach out to us at or phone 703-894-0080.