Usability Testing

Gone are the days where we design our websites, emails and apps based on our gut or our analytics. To get it right, we need to go straight to the source: your users.

Beaconfire RED’s usability consultants utilize both qualitative and quantitative data to map out your customer journeys and to identify any pain points along the way.

We start with a heuristic evaluation where usability experts review your site’s design and compare it against accepted usability principles. Then, a deep dive into your analtyics gives us a list of potential usability issues. 

Usability testing helps us fill in the blanks on why users are doing what they doing. We inform our tests through one-to-one group discussions, informal feedback sessions or focus groups. Tests can be performed on a broad representation of your audience or on specific segments.

Our suite of usability testing includes:

  • Expert evaluations and reviews
  • Onsite and remote user testing
  • The Five-Second Test
  • The Impression Test 
  • The Nav Flow Test
  • The Preference Test (A/B Testing on visual designs)

The end result? You now have user-centric navigation, page layouts, site architecture and more effective messaging.

Would you like to talk with one of our experts to learn more about our usability testing?  Reach out to us at or phone 703-894-0080.