Web Development

Do your website and eCRM support your org the way they should – and reflect your org’s unique personality?

Since 2001, Beaconfire RED has built and launched more than 250 nonprofit and association websites in 10 different CMS platforms and integrated with hundreds of different eCRMs, CRMs and association management platforms, tools, and custom databases.

We develop in PHP and .NET based content management systems (CMS), and have special expertise in Sitecore, Drupal, WordPress, and Blackbaud Luminate CMS.

For interaction programming and data visualization, we use CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, Griddle and Singularity -- and JavaScript application frameworks such as Angular, React, Backbone and Knockout.

We are expert users of eCRM systems, such as Blackbaud Luminate Online, Blue State Digital, Engaging Networks, Salesforce, Salsa and numerous other platforms -- Higher Logic, GIFTS, BlueSky, Constant Contact, MailChimp, SilverPop, Elgg, PhoneGap and Forefield.

We provide the following services and more:

  • CMS Implementation, maintenance and support
  • Custom development
  • Interaction programming and custom eCRM forms and landing pages
  • Data visualization
  • Installation and configuration of modules required to support features and user experience
  • System integration (databases, tools, association management platforms, other)
  • Technical SEO
  • Configuring analytics for your site
  • Configuring site search
  • Setting up workflow permissions and security
  • Unit and formal QA testing
  • Automated content migration
  • CMS Quick Start Guide and training for your staff
  • Migration to your hosted environment
  • Efficient and collaborative project management

In addition, we also offer objective technology evaluations if you are looking to replace your CMS, CRM, eCRM or other technology systems.

Want to hear more about our web development skillsets? Reach out to talk to one of our technology consultants today at contactus@beaconfire-red.com. Or phone 703-894-0080.