Launch and Leave? No Way. Here’s Your Post-Launch Checklist!

Congratulations! You just launched your newly redesigned site! WOOT! You took your team out to lunch to celebrate, but now what?

To stay as fresh as it is at launch, your site needs constant love and attention. Here are some post-launch strategies to make your site shine with love.

1. Create a Web Governance Plan.

Web governance includes policies and workflows. Answer these questions:

GA, Tell Us What #BirdsTellUs! A Dashboard for Engagement Analytics

We are thrilled to have partnered with the National Audubon Society on Birds Tell Us, a social media awareness campaign for endangered bird species that are at risk due to global warming. Not only was it exciting to develop a custom web app for such an important cause, this campaign gave us the chance to really leverage the power of Google Analytics (GA) Dashboards in depth.

The 15 Minute AdWords Audit

So you have inherited an AdWords account and you are tasked to assess the health and efficiency of the account. This can sound like a pretty daunting task. When you are unfamiliar with the history of the account, it’s hard to know the first question to ask. Lucky for you, I am going to give you a few starting points.


Innovation, KPIs and Jerry Maguire

In the digital world, resting on one’s laurels is not an option, and what engages users today, may fail tomorrow.  However, the best way to create a culture of innovation isn’t clear. At a minimum, we need to take risks and learn, but we also have to make sure that we are taking the right risks and investigating and learning from those innovations quickly. And the really tricky part is how do we measure that?

Wherefore Universal Analytics

Since it has come out of beta, we have been fielding a lot of questions about Universal Analytics, the latest and greatest analytics package from Google.  So I’ve decided to answer a few of those questions here.

 What Makes Universal Analytics So Different?

There are a few things that make Universal Analytics different from Google Analytics. There are the three in particular that we at Beaconfire are super-excited about.

The ability to report more on visitors instead of visits.