Content Strategy

Speaking the users’ language

If you’ve worked with a user experience (UX) professional before, you’ve probably heard us affirming the importance of speaking the users' language. It seems simple enough, right? So what’s the real hangup with following through?


The Origin

Speaking the users’ language is not a new concept. In the early 90s, Jakob Nielsen (the godfather of usability) and Rolf Molich crafted a list of 10 heuristics, or principles, for developing effective interface design. The second principle provides specific guidance on speaking the users’ language:

Launch and Leave? No Way. Here’s Your Post-Launch Checklist!

Congratulations! You just launched your newly redesigned site! WOOT! You took your team out to lunch to celebrate, but now what?

To stay as fresh as it is at launch, your site needs constant love and attention. Here are some post-launch strategies to make your site shine with love.

1. Create a Web Governance Plan.

Web governance includes policies and workflows. Answer these questions:

The power of thank you

Everyone likes being thanked. It makes you feel good, like you’ve made a difference. I know when I get a thank you note in the mail, I always read it with a smile. A good thank you message to your online members should get that same response.

Want a 66% Lift On Your Action Rates?

Today everyone is busy and impatient. A study from University of Massachusetts Amherst found the average user will give a video two seconds to load before ditching it. Organizations trying to engage users through e-mail face the same challenge. Each time a user has to make the conscious decision to take action it reduces the likelihood they will ultimately do so. Every click matters.

Our job as online organizers is not only to tell a compelling story to engage supporters on an issue, but give them the most frictionless path for taking action.

Email Deliverability: Reputation Matters

As the holiday season draws near, marketers are focusing more and more of their attention to email. Email programs continue to grow in their importance to integrated digital marketing campaigns, but in order to be successful, it’s critical to consider deliverability – is your audience getting your message? Are you (still) talking to the right audience? To ensure effective delivery of your email campaigns this holiday season, you need to consider your reputation.