5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself During the Year-end Fundraising Crazy

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As a fundraising professional, it seems like the minute after you throw your last summer BBQ, there’s an automatic pivot in the air to end-of-year fundraising and that momentum does not stop until 12:01AM January 1st of the next calendar year. And for a good reason, too. Regardless of when your fiscal year ends, nonprofit organizations across the board raise approximately 30% of their annual revenue in December alone, with 12% of all donations coming in during the last 3 days of the month.

Titans of Media: Google vs. Facebook for Nonprofits

Which media titan should be favored more heavily in your marketing mix?

Digital marketing is a core strategy element for most nonprofits. Reaching users where they’re most engaged—with the right content, at the right time—is key. Consumer expectations evolve in concert with technology, and organizations that don’t adapt their messaging, fundraising, and list growth strategies will quickly be left behind by their competitors.

Should Nonprofits Accept Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies for Donations?

Amidst all the Bitcoin hype, a client asked for advice about whether or not to accept cryptocurrencies for donations. I’m by no means an expert in cryptocurrencies or an investment professional (so don't take my advice as investing recommendations), but I have been following the industry for several years and provided some thoughts on their questions. I tried my best to provide my thoughts in language that someone less familiar with crypto would understand. 

Digital Marketing & Baseball: Fundamentals, Lineups & Sample Sizes

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time of year to work a belabored seasonally-appropriate analogy into our humble marketing blog. Let’s go!

I’ve been thinking about better ways to explain how digital marketing campaigns are constructed and measured. Eyes tend to glaze over when we’re talking metrics, but maybe looking at the numbers through a different lens might help. Enter: America’s pastime.

Bad Donation Forms Suck

While sipping my morning coffee, I stumbled, or maybe tumbled across this gem:

Bad, ugly, atrocious, or crummy, they are all great words to describe the donation forms in the post. While these donation forms may be the worst of the worst in terms of unattractiveness and/or poor UX, unfortunately, you don’t have to look far in the nonprofit fundraising world to find similar examples.

The power of thank you

Everyone likes being thanked. It makes you feel good, like you’ve made a difference. I know when I get a thank you note in the mail, I always read it with a smile. A good thank you message to your online members should get that same response.

Haul out the Holly – Winning Holiday Fundraising Strategies

My colleague Jen and I recently presented a webinar entitled “The Top Five Principles: What successful non-profits know about holiday fundraising.”

We haven’t even broken out the Halloween candy yet, but many non-profits are already highly focused on year end fundraising and with very good reason. Almost 50 percent of our clients’ digital fundraising dollars are realized in November and December.