Our 2018 Innovation Themes

At Beaconfire RED we are committed to not only helping our clients solve the challenges of today, but preparing to successfully tackle their projects of tomorrow. As the VP of Strategy & Innovation, I am fortunate to work with a team of talented and inquisitive people to make sure we're meeting this goal.

As part of this work, each year we identify our Innovation Themes—three broad subject areas where we will invest additional energy and time to ensure we remain a cutting edge agency. (I know it's already April, but it has been a long winter in DC).

Should Nonprofits Accept Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies for Donations?

Amidst all the Bitcoin hype, a client asked for advice about whether or not to accept cryptocurrencies for donations. I’m by no means an expert in cryptocurrencies or an investment professional (so don't take my advice as investing recommendations), but I have been following the industry for several years and provided some thoughts on their questions. I tried my best to provide my thoughts in language that someone less familiar with crypto would understand. 

Our Innovation Themes for 2016

As a digital agency in a rapidly changing world, it is important for us to be thinking about where changes in technology may be taking our clients. There are many ways that we investigate and experiment what’s on the horizon, but one thing we did this year was to identify Innovation Themes for 2016 — the broad subject areas where we believe we should focus a fair amount of our efforts.