Is Google Forcing Me To Make My Site Secure?


No, Google is not forcing you to make your site secure, but it is definitely trying to encourage you to do so.


As you may already know, Google is making a change this month that will affect how URLs appear in the Chrome browser. Addressing this change is fairly simple, but there are a few technical things you will need to do and some review and testing required. Below is an outline of what the change is, how it impacts your organization’s website, and what can be done if any action needs to be taken.

Hacking our way to innovation

Most digital agencies are looking for ways to not only stay relevant in the marketplace but also to inspire their teams to take risks and innovate. Recently we held an internal “Hackathon” to explore what would happen when let staff run a bit wild with their imagination and skills.

The outcome was geekily glorious.

I sat down with Jared Schwartz, our VP of strategic innovation, and Thomas Taylor, the software engineer who organized the event, to learn more about what happened during those two days.